Education Week – Yoga on the oval

Today the whole school – students and teachers, did some yoga on the oval!  We even had lots of parents join in too.  Every class was taught some basic yoga positions by Craig.  After recess we all went out to the oval and set up our yoga mats or towels.  It was a great morning to be doing our sun salutations!  It was all very calming.

Paddock to Plate

Today it was cool out in the vegetable garden.  We even had some misty rain for several minutes.  Some of the boys watered the seedlings in the new garden beds.  One group measured the height of some of the plants and Nila checked the rain gauge.  The chicken’s water trough needed a good cleanout before our new chickens arrive!

In the kitchen we made some very tasty potato and leek soup and a variety of pizzas.  It was a delicious lunch!

Hello Rosie!

Today Chloe brought her pet rabbit to school.  She got her for her 9th birthday!   Her name is Rosie and she is a dwarf Netherland rabbit.  She is only 8 weeks old.  We all had a cuddle – she was very well behaved.  What a cutie!


Making healthy sandwiches!

Yesterday we made healthy sandwiches with our buddies!  We had to bring our own fillings from home (sliced, grated, chopped, etc) and the school supplied the bread.  We made ‘open’ or ‘closed’ sandwiches.  Most of us chose to create a funny face.  They tasted yummy!

First Aid in Schools Program

Today we had a very special visit from a St John’s Ambulance person who explained and showed us what to do if we ever came across someone who was sick or who had been injured.  We learned what steps to take in an emergency. Jayden was a good patient.   Thanks Matt!


Paddock to Plate

It was our second session in the garden and kitchen this term and we enjoyed a very pleasant hour outside in the vegetable garden watering, sweeping, raking, weeding and making rain gauges.

We cooked up a delicious lunch of spicy soup, stirfry with rice and banana & cinnamon muffins.  Thanks to Abigail and Chloe’s mums for helping us today!

Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day!  It is always on the second Sunday in May and celebrated all over Australia and in other western countries.

At school we each made a lovely heart-shaped card for our Mum.  Some of us even put a bit of bling on it!  We had a special breakfast at school on Friday morning for our mums.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all our Mums out there.  We appreciate all that you do. 🙂

BSPS Fun Run!

Today BSPS had our annual Fun Run at Lake Victoria.  We braved the cool weather to run and/or walk around the lake.  We wore our house colours.  Congratulations to Abigail who came 3rd out of all the Grade 3 girls and Molly who came 4th!  Congratulations to Freeman (red house) who were the winners on the day.

      Ready, set, go!

Anzac Day 2017

This year Anzac Day was on a Tuesday.  We have read many stories about soldiers landing at Gallipoli in Turkey and how they lived in the trenches while they were fighting.  We were fascinated by stories that explained how some animals played a part in World War I.

At school we had a minute’s silence and listened to the bugle calls.

We made poppies with our buddies in JHR and put them in a tray of sand to remind us of the thousands of headstones of soldiers’ graves in many countries where they fought and died.