2 more chicks!

Not one, but TWO more chicks have hatched!  We were lucky enough to actually see this happen during the morning  – WOW!  It was certainly very difficult to concentrate in our room today.  After lunch we had our first nurse of the firstborn chicks that are now 1 day old.  They are so cute!

SL376539SL376540SL376547 SL376548


Next week you will have the chance to conduct some experiments with eggs.

Click on the links below to view some different experiments.

1.Impossible Egg Crush (1:00)

2.The Egg in a Bottle Trick (3:11)

  1. Naked Egg Experiment (3:30)

4.Incredible Egg Geode (1:54)

  1. Folding Egg (3:16)

6. Walking on Eggs (3:55)

(simply explained)

1.Spinning Around

2.Sink or Float?

3.Suck it In


  1. Walking on Eggs
  2. Bouncy Egg Experiment – with youtube clip

7. Soft Shell

(Each experiment lists the steps to take.)

4 experiments

1.Raw or Cooked

2.The strength of eggshell – why doesn’t a hen break it?

3.Bouncing Egg

4.Egg in a Bottle

Magic Bouncy Rubber Egg

(4:05) Video clip shows all listed experiments-

1.How to Make Yellow Eggs

2.How to Simply Peel Eggs in a Glass of Water

3.How to Separate yolks from the white

4.How to Get Egg in a Bottle Without Using Your Hands

5.How to Make a Jumping & Transparent Egg


Candling the eggs

Yesterday we candled all the eggs to see if a chick is growing inside.  We went into a darkened storeroom while Mrs H held a small LED torch to the egg.  We could see the small embryo and some red spidery blood vessels in most eggs.  We could even see a  black spot that was the chick’s eye!  Several eggs had no sign of life inside.

Eggs that are viable (hope to hatch), are called WINNERS.  Eggs that began growing a chick but now the embryo has died are called QUITTERS.  Eggs that look ’empty’ are not fertilised and are called YOLKERS.    We have 12 winners, 1 quitter (we think) and 2 yolkers.  We will candle the eggs again at the end of the week to check on their development.

CandlingDay7-a winner a WINNER

a Quitter a QUITTER

a Yolkera YOLKER

Incubating EGGS!

Last week we began our Inquiry Learning unit on Eggs & Chickens.  We have set up an incubator in our classroom with 15 eggs in it.  It is an automatic one that rocks the shelves gently – this saves us turning the eggs 3 times a day!  The eggs are brown and are from the Barnevelder breed – a Dutch breed.  Some of them are about 7 to 10 days old and were removed from under a broody hen.  Five were also collected on Thursday last week.  We hope all the eggs are fertilised so some chickens can hatch from them!  We will have to wait up to 21 days (3 weeks) to find out if we have been good mother hens!

SL376438 SL376437

A question for you all………..What came first – the chicken or the egg?


Australian Animal Projects

Everyone has finally finished their Aussie animal projects, dioramas/models and talks!  All students have worked very hard during the last half of Term 3 doing their research, making notes and publishing.  This term they have created magnificent dioramas and models to add to their written work.

Congratulations Grade 3s!  You have done a marvellous job and should be very proud of your efforts!