Paddock to Plate – in the kitchen

During our first session this term we made falafels with tzatziki and tabouleh in garlic flatbreads.  These Middle Eastern delicacies were new to many of us but they were very tasty!

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During our second session we made home-made pasta (fetticini and bows) and a tomato and vegetable sauce.  Look out Masterchef….here we come!

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Do you think Charlotte and Jurxhin enjoyed their Italian lunch today?

Paddock to Plate

Some of the chickens have been laying eggs down the back of the chicken run on the old leaves.

Archer and Dylan planted out two spring onions.  We had been growing the roots in some water in our classroom.

Orange group were doing the  mosaic tiles on the ‘WELCOME to our GARDEN’ mural.  by Issy & Abbey

Today in the kitchen we made hot cross scones and organic chocolate Easter shapes.  The scones were yummy with the melted chocolate cross on the top!  The chocolates tasted different because they had a natural sugar syrup in them, not ordinary sugar and cacao powder and cocoa butter.

The head chefs for each group this week were Zahra, Abbey, Montanah and Charlotte.

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Paddock to Plate – in the garden

Today MLH has Paddock to Plate.  In the garden some students are watering the plants and weeding the beds. Mrs Holland even put some weeds in the wheelbarrow!  In our garden we are growing lettuce, tomatoes, onions, egg plants, capsicum,  parsley and basil.  There is a very unusual plant with a spiky ‘fruit’ on it – do you know what it is?  The chickens are cute and a very clucky hen is always in one of the nesting boxes.

By Jessica & Makayla

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the discovery of the gnome

We had to find a gnome in the garden. It was HARD but green group found it among the broad beans. Keisha, Stella, Bayley and Jassiah found it. The chickens laid 6 eggs and there was one white one.  We’re wondering which chicken is laying it?  The mosaic group  was trying to finish a MURAL. 

It was our first time with Mel in the garden and kitchen.

By Jassiah

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In the garden

Today in the garden green group were in with the chickens.They found three mice and a chicken was eating one.  After that Chelsea and Charlotte from yellow group were doing mosaics.  Chelsea said the mosaic was a disaster!She was a messy gluer!


 SL374847  SL374848

Gardening and cooking in MLH

Today in the garden orange group was finding weeds to make weed tea. We will use it at fertiliser for our vegetables. Yellow group was doing companion planting.  Red group was doing a chicken challenge and we were the reporters and photographers.

SL374819 SL374828

In the kitchen orange group made Kurabie and yellow and red groups made Byrek Me Spinaq and we made a Medtiterranean salad and salad dressing.  These are Albanian foods and they were delicious!

SL374825 SL374823 SL374830

by Keisha, Stella & Bayley