This year we are the ‘big buddies’!  Our buddy class is JHR – grade 1s.

Last Friday we began making a paper poppy to help us commemorate Anzac Day next week.

TERM 2 2017!

Well here we are in MLH again!  We are now in the Middle School!

Term 1 has come and gone and we were all very busy with resuming friendships, making new friends and settling into our new classroom with Mrs Holland.  We had swimming lessons at Aquamoves, a 3-day camp at Billabong Ranch near Echuca and we have begun our Paddock to Plate program with a new teacher – Shannon.

Term 2 is a longer one with lots of events planned.

  • April 25th – ANZAC DAY public holiday
  • April 28th – BSPS Fun Run
  • May 2nd – School photographs
  • May 5th – Assembly
  • May 10th – Mother’s Day Stall (Mother’s Day is on Sunday 14th May)
  • May 9th – 11th – Naplan testing
  • June 2nd – Assembly
  • June 12th – QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY public holiday
  • June 30th – Reports sent home – END OF TERM 2

This term we will keep you updated on what is happening and students will be setting up their own blogs!




Tonight from 7.40pm onwards there will be a supermoon in the sky!  It is caused by the moon’s elliptical orbit bringing it closer to the Earth.  The last supermoon was in 1948 and there won’t be another one this big until 2034. Tonight’s moon will appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other times of the year.

There was a less brighter supermoon on October 16th this year.  There will also be another supermoon on December 14th this year, but it will be less large and bright.



Remembrance Day

Last Friday the 11th of November all the grade 3s attended the Remembrance Day Service in Shepparton.  All the students had made a poppy and these were all put together to make a wreath.  Maeve and Josh laid the wreath at the service on behalf of all the students & staff at Bourchier St PS.  They did a great job!



After the service we all went back to the War Memorials to look at the granite memorials more closely.



Cricket Clinic

For the last 3 Thursdays this term, the Grade 3s have been doing a cricket clinic with Alana.  We have been practising our throwing, catching and batting skills.  Some of us will play cricket this summer!

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Nans Birthday!

Tomorrow its my nans birthday! She is turning 72! Can’t you believe it!

Were going to have a big party to celebrate!We are all very excited!But the problem is I HAVE SCHOOL!!!

Term 4 – Welcome back!

Welcome back to Term 4 everyone!  We have a long term ahead of us with lots of learning still to do.  Everyone has settled in well during the first week.  So heads down everyone – what a great start!

Special events this term include:

*Cricket Clinics each Thursday for weeks 1-3

*Paddock to Plate sessions during weeks 1, 3, 5,                                       7 & 9

* Out-of-Uniform day on Friday 14th October

* BSPS Fete Thursday 10th November 5-8 pm

*Remembrance Day Friday 11th November – Gr 3 local                      excursion around Shepparton and to the service.

*Christmas Service held later in the term.

*Middle School Break-up day

For those attending Billabong Ranch Camp next year, the second payment is due soon (see Newsletter for details).

Roald Dahl Day!

Every year on the 13th September, children and adults around the world celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday.  He is known as the World’s No. 1 Storyteller!

Today MLH students came to school either dressed in yellow (his favourite colour) or as a character from one of his books.  Each had a special medallion to wear throughout the day.


We also had a party lunch with some scrumiddlyumptious food.  AND…..we also had some of the very famous drink Frobbscottle!  (It did affect some students in a very nasty way.)  It was gloriumptious!

We watched the first version of ‘ The BFG’ and wrote a description of a dream we had remembered.  It was either a phizzwizard or a trogglehumper.  Tomorrow we will mix all the ‘ingredients’ in the jar!

It was a swizzfiggling and whoppsy-whiffling celebration indeed!

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Understandings about money

Today we had a visit from Mike who taught us some information about how money transactions are made with credit cards using the internet and also how to spend and save money wisely.  As our ‘Cash Coach’ he told us that when we earn money it would be okay to “Spend some on you – save some too”.

Mike made us aware how some advertisements try to convince you to buy the product and that is a good idea to ‘shop around’ for the best offer before you make your choice.

Here Montanah from the ‘Bank of Montanah’  and Corbyn from the ‘Hat Shop’ are making a transaction over the ‘Tinternet’.


Paperbag Book Reports

Today we heard from half of the class giving their book report and showing us their Paperbag Book Reports.  A lot of fun time and effort has been given to these with some students showing some very creative ways to record their information.  Well done!


On Thursday we heard the remainder of the book reports – here they are!  Congratulations to you all for a job very well done.